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Direct Links to Sub-Pages

Some system pages like account:you, user:info, or admin:manage provide several “sub-pages”, to which you can navigate by clicking the provided links in the side bar. But it is less obvious if and how you could — via a URL — directly link to those “sub-pages”.

The below tables give an overview of direct URL links to “sub-pages” of

My account (account:you)

How to go there from My account Page Direct URL Link
Welcome! Welcome, user-name! …/start/welcome
Private messages Private messages …/start/messages
Private messages, Compose new Private messages, Compose new …/start/messages/composeto/user-id1
Private messages, Inbox Private messages, Inbox, (Display message) …/start/messages/inboxmessage/message-id2
Notifications Notifications …/start/notifications
Notifications, (Read specific notification) Notifications, (Read specific notification) …/start/notifications#notification-notification-id3
My contacts My contacts …/start/contacts
Watching Items you are watching …/start/watching
Watching, "Old" watching options, Pages Watched pages …/start/watched-changes
Watching, "Old" watching options, Discussions Watched forum discussions …/start/watched-forum
Watching, "Old" watching options, Via RSS feed Watched item changes via RSS feeds …/start/watched-feed
Sites & membership, My Sites Sites you have created or own …/start/mysites
Sites & membership, Guest Admin of Guest Admin of… …/start/adminof
Sites & membership, Moderator of Moderator of… …/start/moderatorof
Sites & membership, Member of Member of… …/start/memberof
Sites & membership, Deleted Sites Deleted Sites …/start/deletedsites
Sites & membership, Invitations Invitations …/start/invitations
Sites & membership, Applied to Applications …/start/applications
Recent activity, Recent contributions Recent contributions …/start/recentcontrib
Recent activity, Recent posts/comments Recent posts and comments …/start/recentposts
My profile My profile …/start/profile
Account settings Account settings …/start/settings
Upgrades Welcome to Upgrades! …/start/upgrades
Storage space Storage …/start/storage


  1. To find a user's ID for use with “Private messages, Compose new” go to the user's profile page (to find a user's name you might e. g. search for it), check the “Write PM” link's URL on this profile, and note the trailing number of this URL.

    For e. g. you'd find the number 45996.

  2. To find a message ID go to My account, Notifications, check any messages' “Subject:” URL, and note the trailing number of this URL.

  3. How to find a notification ID needs to be documented

User Profile (user:info/user-name)

No direct URL links are known for

  • Profile
  • Member of
  • Moderator of
  • Admin of
  • Recent contributions
  • Recent posts/comments
  • Add to contacts

The direct link for “Write PM” is identical to the direct link provided above for “Private messages, Compose new.”

Site manager (admin:manage)

Note: the direct URL links below require that you are Admin of this site (or the site you copy the code to).

How to go there from Site Manager Page Direct URL Link /admin:manage
Welcome to site manager! Welcome to the site manager! …/start/welcome
General settings General settings …/start/general
Custom domain Your very own custom domain …/start/domain
Secure access (SSL/TLS)4 Secure Access (SSL/TLS) …/start/ssl
Appearance, Favicon Favicon …/start/favicon
Appearance, Themes Themes …/start/appearance
Appearance, Custom themes Custom themes …/start/customthemes
Appearance, Navigation elements Navigation elements …/start/navigation
Appearance, User icons5 User icons …/start/uicons
Appearance, Custom footer6 Custom footer …/start/customfooter
Appearance, Wikidot toolbars Wikidot Toolbars …/start/toolbars
License License …/start/license
Page templates Templates …/start/templates
Autonumbering of pages Automatic numeration of pages …/start/autonumerate
Public or private Public or private …/start/private
Permissions Permissions …/start/permissions
Files File manager …/start/files
Forum & discussion, Settings Forum Settings …/start/forum-settings
Forum & discussion, Structure Forum Structure …/start/forum-layout
Forum & discussion, Per page discussion Per page discussion …/start/forum-perpage
Forum & discussion, Permissions Forum permissions …/start/forum-perm
Forum & discussion, Recent posts & comments Recent posts & comments …/start/forum-recent
Members, Policy Membership Policy …/start/members
Members, Applications Current Member Applications …/start/ma
Members, List Members List of members …/start/members-list
Members, List Moderators Site Moderators …/start/moderators
Members, List Admins Site Administrators …/start/admins
Members, Invite Members Invite new members …/start/members-invite
Members, Send Email Invitations Invite new members via email …/start/email-invitations
Members, History of Invitations List of sent email invitations …/start/invitations-history
Members, Let the Users invite Let Your Users Invite! …/start/users-email-invitations
Blocks, IP blocks IP Address Blocks …/start/ip-blocks
Blocks, User blocks Blocked users …/start/user-blocks
Recent changes Recent page changes …/start/recent-changes
Page ratings Page rating …/start/pagerate
Abuse reports, Pages Page abuse reports …/start/abuse-page
Abuse reports, Users Abusive users reports …/start/abuse-user
Abuse reports, Anonymous Users Abusive users reports (anonymous users) …/start/abuse-anonymous
Notifications Notifications …/start/notifications
Web statistics7 Web statistics /default--flow/manage__WebStats/type/index
Backup Site backup …/start/backup
Pingbacks (new) Pingbacks …/start/pingbacks
OpenID OpenID Identities …/start/openid
Monetize ($$$), AdSense AdSense for your website …/start/adsenseads
3rd party tools, Google Analytics Google Analytics …/start/ganalytics
Misc actions, Change base URL Change base URL (rename) …/start/renamesite
Misc actions, Delete this Site Delete the whole Site …/start/deletesite
Misc actions, Clone Clone the Site …/start/clonesite



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