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You can change the message that visitors of your site see if they try to access content in a private category that they do not have permission to view. The default message provided by Wikidot is pretty generic:

This area of the website is private and you don't have access to it. If you believe you need access to this area please contact the web site administrators.

If you already have an account, please sign in.

To change the message your visitors see, just create a hidden page named _public in the private category and populate it with the message you'd like displayed. This might include information about your site and, if appropriate, information on joining your site to obtain access to the content in the private category.

Specifically, create a page named yourprivatecategory:_public, substituting your category name for yourprivatecategory.

You can not create hidden pages (those with an underscore prefix in the page name) using the standard NewPage module. You must type the category:_hiddenpage text directly in your browser's address bar. If you regularly need to create hidden pages, you may want to use the Extended NewPage Module or the NewPage Button.

Here's and example of a nicely done, multilingual _public page for a private category:



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