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Here I copied the answer from RobElliottRobElliott

To display the notices on the noticeboard page you need to add a ListPages module. The full steps I used to display the notices on the page here are shown below. I always use a dataform for notices.

1. new page button

1) on an admin page where you want to place a button to add a new notice add the following new page button code:

[[table class="newpage-button" style="width: 215px;"]][[row]][[cell style="text-align: center;"]]
[[[[!----]/[!----]noticeboard:[!----]notice/edit/true[!----][!--/tags/notags[!----][!----]/parentPage/noticeboard[!----][!----]|Add a new noticeboard item]]][[/cell]][[/row]][[/table]]

[[module CSS]]
@import url(;

2. Category Autonumbered

2) in the site manager make the noticeboard category autonumbered.

3. Dataform to _template

3) add the following dataform syntax to the noticeboard:_template page:

    label: Notice text
    type: text
    width: 100
    height: 5
    label: Open file
    type: file
    label: Open file
    type: file
    label: Open file
    type: file
    label: Related website link
    type: url
    default-schema: http://

4.Show most recent 5 News entrie

4) On the page where you the notices are to be displayed add the following ListPages module which calls the relevant fields from the dataform. The most recent 5 notices only are displayed:

[[module ListPages category="noticeboard" order="created_at desc" limit="5"]]

+++ %%title_linked%%


File: %%form_data{download}%%
File: %%form_data{download2}%% 
Related Website: %%form_data{url}%%
Go to %%linked_title%%
//Posted by RFPG on %%created_at|%e %B %Y%%//

[[div style="border-bottom:2px solid #223773;"]]

5. Show "old" News in Summary

You need to use the offset parameter in the ListPage module. So if you are displaying the most recent 5 notices then to display older items than the most recent 5 your offset will be 5, that is it will not include the most recent 5 entries, as in the example below:

[[module ListPages category="noticeboard" perPage="10" order="created_at desc" offset="5" limit="6" separate="false" prependLine="||~ Date ||~ Title ||" appendLine="||||||~ ||"]]
|| %%date|%d/%m/%y%% || %%title_linked%% ||

Hope that helps.

Thanks to RobElliott for the codes!



RobElliottRobElliott. Please visit his/her userPage.

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