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Difference Between "Journal" and "Blog"

While some may use the words journal and blog to refer to the same thing, I see them as two different animals. Blogs typically are used to express ideas, feelings, etc. and journals are used to record occurrences or progress toward a goal.

Also, blogs are usually distinguished by individual pages for each posting. For my purposes, a journal is for keeping shorter, at-a-glance information on one page. If you're interested in creating a blog, see the blog wiki how-to.

Creating a Journal Page

An ideal journal page will have a table of contents, proper headings to distinguish between the entries, and a quick and easy way to add to the page.

I had been using a journal for about two weeks and became increasingly annoyed that I had to scroll to the bottom of the journal to click the edit button, then scroll to the bottom of my text to add my latest entry.

This code at the top of your journal page makes adding entries a lot easier:

[[button edit-append text="Add Entry" style="background:lightblue;padding:5px;"]]
+ Entry Heading...
Entry text, etc...

This provides an "Add Entry" button at the top of the journal page, a table of contents on the right showing my entries, and a neat little text box to add to the page without scrolling.

This method will add text to the bottom of your journal page. If you would rather add your entries to the top of your page, use this code:

[[button edit text="Add Entry" style="background:lightblue;padding:5px;"]]
+ Entry Heading...
Entry text, etc...

The page edit button is still at the bottom of the page and can be used to make changes anywhere in the document.



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