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Creating a Blog, or a news display is easy when you have administrative privileges. All you have to do is add a forum category to the forum, and a Frontforum to the page where you want the blog. The easiest way to add the Frontforum is to copy the example text from into your page source, and follow the instructions on that page.

This is used on for the news feed.

Another neat thing you can do with Frontforum is to map it to several forum categories (as described in the documentation linked above) to collect the important news from all the sections of your forum.

Example of code

[[module FrontForum category="11432" feed="coffeetable" feedTitle="Wikidot Community Coffee Table"]]
++ %%linked_title%%
%%date|%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z (%O ago)%%
[!-- %%content%% --]
%%comments%% | category: %%category%%

The example above used the summary of the post instead of the content of the first post.
1. always put some text in the summary of a new thread, otherwise it would not be useful for the frontforum module
2. if you choose the %%content%%, keep your post short …

In action

Included page "frontforumcoffeetable" does not exist (create it now)


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