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This brainstorming belongs to Phil Chett, and was implemented in my site, Istorijska biblioteka. I wanted to change the TOC to Serbian, and Phil helped me to do it.

Now, anyone who wants to change Table of Contents to anything else (another language or different word in English, now can do that thanks to Phil.

1. create a page called toc
2. Insert in this page the following code:

[[div class="tocdiv"]]

3. Then go to Site Manager » Appearance » Custom themes
4. Create new Theme
5. Write the name of a new theme
6. From the drop menu, select the theme you have chosen for your site.
7. In edit window, insert the following code:

#toc .title {
font-weight: bold;
margin: 0.2em 0 ;
padding: 0 2em;
text-align: center;
display: none;

8. Save the Theme.
9. Go to Appearance » Theme
10. Assign the newly created theme to your site.
11. The new TOC is introduced in pages by:

[[include toc]]

That should work.


Phil ChettPhil Chett. Please visit his/her userPage.

An Update: Now it is possible to change the title in TOC by:

[[toc title="Whatever"]]

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