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This howto describes how to (effectively) use RSS feeds from to be notified about things you care about ;-)

Tip: As of 2021-09-24, there is a 3rd-party application that enables you to receive forum notifications right to your inbox — see


Today more and more web services offer RSS feeds as a convenient way for the users to be notified about the changes. exports a lot of feeds to help its users be notified about changes to their user account, chages to the content pages and forums.

Wikidot offers email notifications only for events related to your account via the daily digest email option (configurable at your account » account settings » notifications). For anything else you should use feeds along with special software (desktop feed aggregators) or web-based aggregators.

Why use feeds?

Well, if you use feeds from you can be informed within seconds about:

  • events related to your account (membership, new private messages etc.)
  • any changes to your watched pages and threads
  • changes made to pages of particular site (e.g. all the recent page changes from this Community Site are here
  • new threads and posts from discussion forums (whole forum or selected categories or single threads)

List of feeds available

Added by

gerdamigerdami. Please visit his/her userPage.

Public feeds new threads in forum category no 10 new posts in forum category no 12 new posts in thread no 8407

Private feeds
Watched item changes via RSS feeds:
These feeds rely on a basic HTTP Authentication mechanism.
See for more details.

Tip: replace "community" with your wikiname.

Private feeds usually cannot be used directly since you must provide authentification through a login, your email address and a password (the hashed password available in section "Notification" of the Site Manager).

However if you are an admin of a site you can use which will enable you and your users to view your private feeds in our browser and on your iGoogle homepage.

For more info see

Receive notifications by email

You can use external services such as FeedBlitz1( to convert any RSS feed from Wikidot into an email digest.

Example of using FeedBlitz to provide a forum feed

  1. Register at FeedBlitz
  2. Create a new feed
  3. Embed the generated form code on your wikidot page
You can get forum updates by email:
<form Method="POST" action="">
Enter your Email<br><input name="EMAIL" maxlength="255" type="text" size="30" value=""><br>
<input name="FEEDID" type="hidden" value="95900">
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe me!">
<br>Powered by <a href="">FeedBlitz</a></form>

Another example with FeedBlitz

A click on one of the links below will lead the reader on a FeedBlitz form where the reader will have to enter his email address to subscribe to the feed. No prior subscription by the wiki manager is needed.

Invite friends to subscribe to your feeds

Simple invitation with FeedBurner

FeedBurner2 is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds.

[ Tell a friend]

In action: Tell a friend

Feedburner was acquired by Google in June 2007. Source:

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