Backup stuck at "queued for processing"

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(Came from Community forum thread: )

Thanks to user Zinnia_ZirconiumZinnia_Zirconium to find this possibility!

A Status

When your started backup is never ending on the site admin panel ( stuck at "queued for processing") than there is a short help to cancel the waiting backup:

B Try running


in Developer Tools Console (F12 in Chrome/Firefox/Edge).

C My try

Wow, thanks for that little module - it worked in Firefox Console well and deleted the waiting old backup entry !

  • Status:Completed
  • Date completed: 7 Aug 2020, 09:09
  • Backup file size: 20.21 MB

Good to know that the queue was full/blocked and not cleared !

edit: it is a good idea not to copy the spaces at the begin or end with the command-line… ( happened for me and created syntax errors..)

D Question

I am relatively new to Wikidot. Where is 'Developer Tools Console"?

E Description

Developer tool has nothing to do with wikidot, but with the "browser"
I did the following:

  • copied from the mail above the wikidot command without leading/trailing spaces !)
  • went to my admin screen - security - backup ( with the waiting backup) ,
  • in Firefox on this screen I pressed F12 ( starting Web developer tool) - Console
  • inserted the copied text in the filter of the console
  • inserted the copied text in the new line >> down under this filter - and clicked enter
  • There was a warning from Firefox that I want to insert something in the code of the site … I had to enter (in german) "Einfügen erlauben" ( in english something like "allow insertion"

and - voila - the waiting backup was removed and all free to start a new backup.

This has helped some people to start and get a new backup of their site.

I have no idea if the queue was ( or is till today) blocked , but not erased.

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