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The parent-child relationship helps creating structured websites, sitemaps and breadcrumbs navigation.

The old way

At the bottom of a page, click on + options, parent and choose the parent page

The new way

default category

Create or edit the _template and add the following

[[module NewPage button="Add a child page" parent="%%full_page_name%%"]]

other categories

Create or edit the cat1:_template and add the following

[[module NewPage button="Add a child page" parent="%%full_page_name%%" category="%%category%%"]]

_start page

Remember that pages whose name starts with an underscore (like "_start", "_header", etc.) are not affected by the _template. Hence you would have to add the module NewPage on that page as well.
Another solution would be to use a start page that does not starts with an underscore and add a hidden tag _system to prevent the start page from being listed by ListPages.


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