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If you want to use the talk button like on Wikipedia - this is easy to implement:

What does the "talk" button on Wikipedia?

There is a link named "talk" on the Wikipedia articles which does simple create a "parallel" page in the namespace "talk" with the same article - name.

Here on Wikidot there is the [[button talk]] ( which shows talk ) to do exact the same - it creates a page in the category ( namespace) "talk" with the same page name - explained on ("Stand Alone Buttons").

To make it easier to use the created page for a discussion i changed here in our comnmunity site the live "talk:_template" to show the main - article ( as a link) and the content of the talk:…page and the comments mocule is inserted automatically.

1. Create a "talk:_template with this content:

|| This is the "TALK" page - created parallel to the main-article : _
  [[[%%name%% | (%%name%% ) %%title%%]]]  _
 Feel free to insert any text on this page - the comments are always possible at the bottom! ||


[[module Comments hideForm="true"]]
Feel free to insert any text on this page - the comments are always possible at the bottom! ||

2. Insert the [[button talk]] ( which shows talk ) on every positin where you want ( nav:top , nav:side ?) and let the visitors use it!

3. Click here on the talk to create the "talk:howto:apply-a-wikipedia-like-talk-button" page ( if not yet exists!) and
copy the page-name ( or title) into the open title field of the new !talk:page.. !

4. Click on "Save" to create the page really

5. Use the comments for discussions - or the page itself like on wikipedia..


The discussion is not "bound" in the forum to the original article - but a "parallel" talk page - if you want to have the original article clean from discussion for printing issues..


PLEASE - use for comments here this = => talk < = = button!

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