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Following a wish on our feedback site ( - chessdiagrams) I made a quick search on the chessworld for an easy implement of such an chess image builder..
The normal way is to search for some free apllications to create at the home pc some png or jpg images of a chess diagramm (or a html table) and upload it to a wikidot page to insert it as an image of a goven position.

The found solution is easier and nothing is to implement on your page - I describe here the usage of

Using the image-source url as a command!

Put after an image tag the "url adress" of the ChessImager.php and after the fen= end your "wished position in the FEN notation".

5N1k/6p1/7p/4P3/pp2Q3/4q3/1P4PP/2b4K/ reads as for the 1. line (line 8) 5 effective empty fields, White Knight, 1 empty field, black King. next line 6 empty fields, own black pawn, 1 empty field.. and so on).
( description FEN Noattion see also )

[[image ]] is rendered as :


For a first try not so bad !

Notice the starting white field at the left top - this is the standard view of the chess board…

What you can change for the outcoming - constructed image is :

What is not shown :

  • the last move(s), the situation of rochades, or if one King was in chess ( before a rochade) a,.s.o.


with some extra codes like size, coordinates=on, colors, style
&piece_style=leipzig ( default=merida !)

gives as an image here inserted:

Now it should be easy to use chess diagrams on Wikidot pages.

Notice the starting set in FEN- Notation is rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR/


Hope this helps someone.

On Steve's chess site there are some wonderfull links into the world of chess too!

Have fun with them!

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