Add Admins Or Moderators To Your Site

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This document explains how to add admins or moderators to your site by changing the options of some members of your site.

1) If You are logged in with Your User Id You will find on your site under the menu "site_manager" ( nav:side).
2) Click on it and on the opening "manage site…" page you wil find a menu-point "members".
3) Click on it and a little sub-menu will open:

  • Policy
  • Applications
  • List Members
  • List Moderators
  • List Admins
  • Invite Members
  • Send Email Invitations
  • History of Invitations
  • Let the Users invite

4) Click on List Members and You will get a List of the members which are signed (and allowed) to your site.

On the opening List you will find at every User-ID a little link : (options)

5) Click on this link and you will open a hidden list of extra "buttons":

remove | remove & ban | to moderators | to admins

Now you have found the place to switch some members of Your site to admins or moderators.

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