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Update April 14, 2010
While this method still works, there is a better way to accomplish this thanks to the implementation of private categories.
See HowTo: Hide the Admin menu.

It's often desirable to have an "Admin" menu option on your top navigation menu. Here's a tip for how to make that menu semi-hidden so it's not obvious to the non-admin members who visit your site.

The trick is to create a menu link that is simply a [space] character. Here's an example of a menu I recently created:

* [#  ]
 * **Admin Only Menu**
 * [[button edit text="Edit This Page"]]
 * [[button print text="Print This Page"]]
 * [ Edit Top Navigation]
 * [ Edit Side Navigation]
 * [[[admin:manage|Site Manager]]]
 * [[[system:list-all-pages|List All Pages]]]
 * [/project-status Project Status]
* ►
* [[[start|Home]]]
* [[[products-start|Products]]]
 * [[[products-start|Personalized Golf Products]]]
 * [[[products-start|Other Personalized Products]]]
* [/crest-start/tag/_none Family Crests]
* [[[contact|Contact Us]]]
* ◄

Notice the * [# <space>] for the first menu item. This is just a space instead of a text link. This creates a semi-hidden link to the left of the other visible menu links. The menu opens when you hover over the space character.

Another tip to note is that you can go directly into edit mode on any page by adding /edit/true to the end of any URL link. This way, you don't have to first visit the page and then scroll to the bottom to click the edit option at the bottom.

Finally, you can also add "do nothing" menu items to add a bit of graphical flair to your menu (► and ◄)

In action: Conway's Irish Gifts



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