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A private site is not open for viewing to any user who is not an authorised member, although admins can add Wikidot users to an Extra Access list using the site manager which provides read-only access to the site.


  • Do NOT close your site - at least at the beginning - if you seek help from the Community. On the contrary give a maximum of rights, and sometimes administrative rights to well-known community members.
  • Do NOT forget that all changes can be watched and reverted.
  • sometimes new starters of a private site - creating it in one go with account setup - have problems with loading the new created site. there is a tip which can help:
      • if the site is private - than there are more sectrity task to run - could be that this is catching with your cookies or browser setup.
    • Sign off from wikidot
    • go to wikidot main page (
    • login in wikidot over main page.
    • go to "my sites" in "xour account summary
    • click with right mouse on the site you are member or admin
    • select open in "NEW TAB"
  • Or open a new tab manually and write ( after login on main window) the adress of your site in the url.

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