toc (Table of Contents)
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The toc lists the headings of a page.

Documentation on Wiki Syntax:

Toc box on side

You can put it floating on the side: [[f>toc]].

What are Headings?

Headings are all lines starting with a '+' ( or '++' , '+++' , '++++' ) - this is a sign to the renderer to insert a "Header with the text on this position.
This header line was build with "+ What are //Headings//?"

As a 2. insert there is an anchor named "#toc1" ( or #toc2, #toc3 a.s.o.) automatically inserted and used.
And if you use your own (manual) anchor this anchor is inserted too (see down the Nifty Stuff example).

This (invisible) anchor is used to build the Table of Content (toc) and its links.

Therefore you will see as the 2. toc entry this "What are Headings?". Click with your mouse on this entry on the toc and you will see:

  • the page is shifted down to the clicked header (invisible anchor in reality) and the browser has positioned this header on the top of the page or - if the page-bottom is reached - in the viewable portion of the page.
  • in the adressbar you will see the URL of the page with the appended anchor (for this page ……)

Nifty Stuff

Done with "+ [[# stuff]]Nifty Stuff" means - on this position there is this manual anchor inserted too - you can change the header-text later and the long url (link) of this toc-entry will not change! You can refer to this header over the build (hidden) anchor (but the anchor itself should not be changed…!).

The result will be (in HTML code) @h1 id="toc2"><span><a name="stuff"></a>Nifty Stuff</span></h1@

The effect is: If you want to link to exact this header on another page you can insert a link like and you are complete independent from the "real" Header-text or its real position on the page and the numberuing of the toc-enties.

More Nifty Stuff

Done with "+ More Nifty Stuff" means the toc creates a header1 entry with the id = [[#toc4]]
You should be able to link from outside the page to this header with an anchor:

This is a header NOT in the toc

Done with "+* This is a header NOT in the toc" - an asterisk after the + sign - this stops the inlcusion of the header into the toc.


(Done with + [[# CSS-stuff]]CSS

The toc can be changed using CSS through these CSS selectors.

CSS Selector Selects
#toc Entire table of contents.
#toc-action-bar Part of toc that contains fold.
#toc .title Title of the toc, always reads Table of Contents.
#toc-list List of headings.

Toc on "Fixed positition"

Yes, this is possible and useful on long pages - have a look on one of our snippets:

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