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Tags (also called page tags) are words and phrases that are added to a page, so that users can find the content they are looking for easier. You can add, remove and edit tags by clicking the tags button in the bar that appears under every page. Tags can be used to enhance navigation in a few ways.

Tags have similarities to categories, but with a few differences:

  • You can assign multiple tags to a page, whereas only one category can be assigned to a page.
  • Tags can easily be added and changed by normal users of the site
  • With categories you can change the behavior of your site (change permissions, change lay-out, …), whereas with tags this is not possible.

Tags can be added to each page and then all of the tags can be displayed in almost any location of your wiki except nav:top.1

Default Tags

A new wiki is started with no tags whatsoever. However, a place is reserved to display the tags you will create in nav:side. To find this area, look at your side bar. The area is marked "Page Tags". Below that is the text

"It seems you have no tags attached to pages. To attach a tag simply click on the tags button at the bottom of any page.".

When you create your first tags, this message will disappear and automatically be replaced by whatever tags you create.

Multi-Word Tags

All tags must be one unit. If you want to use tags that are 2 or more words you can either smush them or use a hyphen.

Smushing Tags

Tags With a Hyphen

Tag Size and Color

Tag Size and Color is determined by the TagCloud module and must be changed wherever it is used. You cannot change the tag size and color in the theme. Having a universal place to change the tag size and color would be useful an we are unsure if this is in development for wikidot 2.0

Adding Tags to a Page

Tags are created

  • manually - at the bottom of a page you find the "Page Options Buttons" with the tags Link as the second. Click on it and a little editor window opens to key in some single words as tags.
  • automatic with use of the NewPage module - which can define a standard set of tags for specific prepared pages of a specific category.

Tag Modules

Wikidot has a couple of modules that can display tags and list pages by tag.

TagCloud Module

Page tags are displayed using the TagCloud module. You can place the TagCloud module anywhere, but we recommend that you not put it in the top menu bar (nav:top).

When a new wiki is created, the TagCloud module is placed on three pages : the side bar menu (nav:side), system:page-tags, and system:page-tags-list.

PagesByTag Module

The PagesByTag module lists pages by tags.

ListPages Module

With the ListPages Module, you can filter the pages to be listed by numerous conditions, among which tags. With the plus (+) or minus (-) operator, you can include or exclude pages with that specific tag from the page listing.

Tag Limits

There is no current way to select two tags at once. Exception is the new module ListOfPages where you can select on or more categories and/or one or more tags in union or as a minus.. see the documentation of wikidot!

All of the tags assigned to a page must be a total of 500 characters or less, including spaces.
A single tag can be a maximum of 64 Characters long

Requested Features

Known Bugs

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