Pages that need editing (Stubs)


As explained on Wikipedia, "(a) stub is an article deemed too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject"1.

Here on the Wikidot Community, we extend that definition to cover the following:

  • The article is too short to provide encyclopedic coverage (as above)
  • The article is generally poorly worded, has spelling mistakes or grammatical errors
  • The article contains sections with headings but no content, or a "TODO" comment in place of content.

Adding Stubs

If you know that an article is Stub-worthy but are unable to immediately fix the issue, please mark it as a Stub by inserting this code into the top-most portion of the article:

[[include help:include-stub]]

This will alert other members of the community that there is an issue, and it will make the article appear on this page.

Stubbed Articles

Below is a list of articles that include the above Stub code, and therefore are likely to need updating to improve the overall quality of content.

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