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Emergency Help

  • Emergency Help - forum not working, no rendering of output, redirect allows no editing, etc.

Exporting/Importing Content

Importing content into and exporting content of of your wiki.

  • Iframe - iframe pages from other websites into a wiki page.
  • Include - include a page from your wiki in another page.
  • RSS - import/export an RSS feed.


Wiki Navigation

Navigation from page to page across your entire wiki.

  • Links - Links (inside your wiki or external ones).
  • Menu - top bar/side bar.
  • Redirects - redirect one page to another, or another page on the web.
  • Tags - use tags to categorize pages.


Wiki Organization

Keeping your wiki organized.

Page Organization

Keeping your pages organized so that your members and visitors can find what they are looking for quickly.

Wiki Identity

Making your wiki have a unique identity.

  • Domains - subdomains and custom domains.
  • Logo - using a custom logo.
  • Featured Sites - a lot of very high rated site examples.


Themes define the unique look of your wiki.

Useful Lists

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