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A private wiki is a wiki that is accessible only by its members.

Private Wikis at Wikidot

A private wiki at Wikidot is a wiki that is hidden to members of the general public. Access is restricted to members of that wiki and the creator. A Wikidot user must either request membership at the publicly-visible welcome page (if there is one) or must be invited by an admin to gain access. Membership is restricted to five users if the wiki owner does not have a paid subscription or has upgraded to the "educational upgrade" of his free wiki in the site manager - dashboard , which gives unlimited members for a free wiki. ( see on the dashboard of your free wiki the educational upgrade").


Membership can be attained through application or invitation. You have the choice of creating a default landing page for unauthorized visitors that includes a Join Module. This allows a user to request membership by using the syntax: [[module Join]]. To invite a member, you must go to the wiki's admin:manage page. Click 'Members', then click 'Invite Members'. Type in the name of the user that you want to invite into the box in the middle of the page. After typing the name, click 'Search'. Any names that match the search parameters will be listed below the box. Click 'Invite' next to the name of the user that you want to invite and an invitation will be sent.

Membership Options

There are two choices for the workings of the Join Module. You can either set it so that a user only needs to type in a password and their membership is accepted, or so that an admin needs to approve the application. The settings for this can be found in the Access Policy tab on the admin:manage page.

Once the wiki has some members, their permissions can be modified in the Permissions tab on the admin:manage page.

Requested Features

Partial Privacy

  • A wiki page that is private while the rest of the wiki remains public.
  • A forum category that can be made private while the rest of the forum remains public.

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