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Wikidot has two navigational menus:

  • The menu at the top is called the Top Bar, or Top Menu.
  • The menu at the side is called the Side Bar, or Side Menu.

Top Menu Bar - nav:top

What is it?

  • The top menu bar menu is the horizontal bar located at the top of your wiki page.
  • it is sometimes called nav:top because the source page for nav:top is located at
  • the top bar menu usually consist of link in a list, although the list can also consist of just text in the format [# your text]

Editing the Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar can be edited by going to it's location http://yourwiki.wikidot/nav:top and clicking on edit at the bottom of the page, just like you would edit any other page.

The list by default can go no more that one level of nesting. This means that you will have the main horizontal menu and the submenu, the drop down items. It will look like this:


How to customize the top bar

  • Goto
  • Click on edit at the bottom of the page
  • When the edit window comes up, the code will look like this:
* [# example menu] 
 * [[[example item 1]]]
 * [[[example item 2]]]
* [[[contact]]]
note that the example item 1 & 2 are at level one nesting so they will appear in the drop down menu
  • now lets edit the top bar. Lets say we want to add a link to the home page, the forum, the site manager, and a contact link.
  • first we probably want the home page and forum start links to be in one submenu under site navigation
  • so first we change [#example menu] top navigation. Make sure you leave the # because if you dont, instead of just saying site navigation, it will be linking to a page called site navigation.
  • next change the [example item 1] to [[[start|home page]]] and [example item 2] to [[[forum:start|Forum]]].
  • now since we want a contact link, we will leave [[[contact]]]
  • lastly, we want to add a link to the site manager. So what we do is add a bullet after the contact link. After that, just add your link [[[admin:manage|site manager]]] so the code looks like this * [[[admin:site|site manager]]]
  • now were all done! So lets look at our final code,and what this should end up looking like.

The code:

* [# site navigation] 
 * [[[start|home page]]]
 * [[[forum:start|forum]]]
* [[[contact]]]
* [[[admin:manage|Admin]]]

this should end up looking like this


Remove the Top bar menu

The top bar can be removed by going to the site manager->appearance->navigation elements and removing nav:top where it asks for the page where your top bar is located.

Side Menu - nav:side

The side menu is located at the side of your wiki page, usually on the left. It is sometimes called nav:side because the source page for nav:side is located at

CSS - Custom Side Bar

The side bar in general is selected using the #side-bar id selector. Some common examples :


#side-bar { width:150px; }

Removing the Side Menu

This can only be done by the site admin on the "Site Manager" (page "admin:manage") under "appearance" :

A) Menu "Themes":
You can select a different theme for different categories of pages. . If you are not familiar with categories have a look at For example you could select a theme without a side bar menu. Most standard themes have a variation without a side bar.

Click on one of the themes to select them and have a look on the possible variations.

B) Menu "Navigation elements"

For any category you can have a different nav:top or nav:side page. Enter the name of the nav: page to use or delete the pagename so that yo don't have a side or top menu for that category.

If you have made a mistake and "lost" all your menus then type the "admin:manage" page name in the address bar of your web browser.

Foldable List Container

Links in the side menu can be made foldable by using a special div class :

[[div class="foldable-list-container"]]
* Top Link (handle)
 * Foldable Link
 * Foldable Link
 * Foldable Link

Editing menus

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