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Internal Links

To create a link "to a new page" of your wiki , use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. After the save of your changes follow the link (which should have a different colour if page does not exist) and create a new page and edit it!

There is also syntax with a "namespace" possible: [[[category:page name]]]. It creates link with specified name inside a category name space, but displayed link is "page name". If the page does not have a category, simply include its name. E.g. [[[page name | text to display]]].

To create a link to a specific section of the table of contents, use syntax [[[pagename#toc0]]]. The number after "toc" should be appropriate to the section. To find the number go to the page, hover over or click on the toc link for the section and see what number it is.

Notice: the maximum length of a page name is 60 characters overall!

External Links

You can create a link to an external page, outside your wiki:

in syntax form, you can add a link by typing

  • [http://target-web-address anchor-text] (e.g. [ wikidot]).
  • http:…, https:…, ftp://… and similar locations can be used. Simply write the needed one as appropriate.
  • Not all webpages start with www ! Simply remember to write the correct page (double-check as required).

To make the link appear as a specific word or phrase on your page, leave an empty space after the URL and type the word you want the link to appear as. E.g.: [http:/ Wikidot] would appear as "Wikidot".

If you want the link to open a webpage in a new window, start the syntax with an asterisk, as follows:
[*http://target-web-address anchor-text] (e.g. [* wikidot])

To link to an e-mail address you must brace it with three braces (as you would an internal link). You can include any of the Mailto: syntax that you want. To make the link appear as a specific word or phrase, use the syntax: [[[ | text to display]]]. An example of a linked e-mail address with Mailto: syntax: [[[ Awesome People&body=I like talking about awesome people | e-mail us about awesome people!]]] which would produce this result: e-mail us about awesome people!


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