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Category »» tags: category page private url view ««

A category (in a wiki often called namespace) is under normal circumstances known as the first part of the page name - the partial name before the colon (:) in the page name. You will see this page name in the adress bar as the last part of the URL. This is NOT PART of the page title!
A page name without such colon in its name belongs in to the "_default" category.

Private Category »» tags: category private public ««

It is possible to make the content of pages of a specified category "private" and visible only to specified groups of visitors. In your _admin site manager page you will see a "View" row in the "Permissions" section . You will only see this for categories that are not the _default category.

You will need to create a landing page for visitors without the View permission. That landing page should be called category:_public.

Soft Category »» tags: category private soft_category ««

In Wikidot, Soft Categories are built as in Wikipedia (or any MediaWiki) by using Links to existing "category" pages and by the use of backlinks technique (either of module module Backlinks or with ListPages module with link-to="." parameter) on such category pages.

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