Emergency Help

There are some situations where you may need emergency help. This page describes found solutions.

My wiki is created - what now?

Have a look: Howto: Site start
and also :
Howto: Site check list
Howto:Apply Your first live template.

My forum does not work!

See Forums: fixing them if you have deleted too much.

See Forums: step by step if your setup is not working.

My existing page does not render

You have created a page "http://your-site.wikidot.com/your-page" or edited it and saved it .

Now - on the return of the browser after the save you get a lot of problems ?
Like nothing rendered, or too much content included by mistake?

Then you can get help with an undocumented "new" feature:

You can edit the page without rendering the content with a special URL:

"http://your-site.wikidot.com/your-page/norender/true" or

In fact you can use "t" instead of "true" too.

It gives you access to all page options, the only thing that is "missing" is the content of the page itself.

This allows to switch back in the history to a save release number or to change a dangerous content.

My "redirect" module works - I cannot edit the redirected page

You have a page created with the "redirect module" and you cannot edit the "original page" now?
In the module documentation you will find the trick with this special url:

Preventing the redirect:

If the Redirect module redirected the browser there would always be no way to edit the actual page. The solution is to pass an extra parameter to the module in the URL as follows:


There should be an information box where the module is placed.

Working with the Redirect module might not be very convenient but even of you have to do this you will not configure it every day ;-)

My page cannot be saved - "Ooops - an error occurred…"

We know one reason for this message:
"Oooops! An error occurred while processing the request."

  • you have inserted a link ( or a page name) which is longer than the allowed 128 characters?

My members can't get in and join on my private site

Following situation: a private site, email invitations sent but I can't work out how to set up the landing page so members can access the site.

It seems you have not allowed & setup the membership by password ( or membership by applying ) for new members of your site.

Go to your site manager ( normally located on the admin:manage page). On the menu, select members > Policy - and you will see the procedure outlined in the second paragraph.

1. On this screen you need to configure the following options:

  • Enable membership by applying: and/or ( better to do both!)
  • Enable membership by password: and (if enabled)
  • enter an appropriate password - (you can send it your prospective members by e-mail… or Private message)

2. Insert a link ( within extra lines !) on your Joining page (usually system:join - the default "landing page" for "private" sites for those who are non-members or have not yet logged in).

2.1. Applying for membership requires the following module. Add this line to activate the module on any page (usually system:join):

[[module MembershipApply]]

(This module is usually located on the system:join page, but you can put this piece of code anywhere you like) .

2.2. "Enable membership by applying" requires the following module. Add this line to activate the module on any page:

[[module MembershipByPassword]]

(Again, this module is usually located on your system:join page, but you can locate it on any page you like) .

3. New visitors who land on a page with the [[module MembershipByPassword]] code (and are not already members of your site) can enter the password and immediately become a member of your site with no other action needed by you.

And - if someone does not know the password and you have enabled membership by password, they can write a little text into the application box asking to become a member of your site. You will have to monitor the notification section in the site manager under the menu location Members > Applications (notification is not automatic). Here you can choose to accept or decline the membership.

The best way to manage your membership options is enable the appropriate settings for your site in Site Manager and then use the system:join page and edit it to match the options you enabled.

My Site Manager is lost!

I changed from my default theme to the No Sidebar version and now I cannot find my site management tools!

"Site Manager" is just a page on your wiki called "admin:manage". If you ever get "lost" again, you can type it directly in the address bar right after http://your-site-name.wikidot.com/admin:manage .

In normal circumstances this page holds only these code lines:

[[module ManageSite ]]

Please do not modify this page.

If you have deleted this page you can re-create it and you only need these lines.

My "Custom Domain setting" hides my wiki

This helps in the most cases:
Ed JohnsonEd Johnson has written in this Thread:

You can get to your admin:manage page using this link:


This was a safeguard setup by Wikidot for situations like yours (can't access your site after setting up a custom domain). There is something wrong with your custom domain setup if it's not working. I would deselect the "Use the custom domain as the only domain for this site" option until you get this sorted out.

My "Custom Domain setting" uses a wrong IP-Address

Look at the page ip-table these are the used ( and known) IP-Addresses Wikidot uses..

My live _template gets an Saving-ERROR with Data Forms Fields

If you use Data Forms on your Live _Templates and
you cannot save the _template page because of Getting Parser-Errors than you should

  • copy the entire content of the Edit-Window and
  • go to Wikidot Data Form Fixer (a click opens a new tab-window)
  • paste your copied source code (copied out from the edit window and not from the source button!) into the left source field and
  • click on button "»" to get the translated & corrected data form fields on the right side window.
  • if there are no error messages at the bottom field : you should copy&paste the right side content into your edit window.

The Link to this converter you will find in our "Doc&Help" Menu too.

My "Custom Domain setting" lets me not sign-in in my wiki

Could be this is a (new) security-block for 3' party extensions in your browser !

Read this post from Ed JohnsonEd Johnson : = = > From bug:898 thread:

My file uploader ( Flash) does not work

(Adobe-)Flash is needed for mass - upload of more than one file.
Could be this is a setup problem in your browser ! In most modern browser you have to explicit allow "Flash" extension !

See also Community Thread http://community.wikidot.com/forum/t-3523635

My Browser signs me out with clicking on a link

This is a third party cookie problem!

Allow in your browser the usage of third party extensions and cookies !

( or use another browser)
See the http://feedback.wikidot.com/bug:1128

Third Party cookies allowed in browser?

Wikidot needs cookies allowed on your browser setup ( also Flash allowed!)

Otherwise you will be cicked out and signed off if you click on a link!

See the http://feedback.wikidot.com/bug:1128

My wiki is vandalized by spamnmers!

You should BLOCK these users from your wiki complete:

  • go to site manager ( _admin)
  • go to security
  • go to blocks
  • key in ( not copy-paste!) the user name - from profil page or elsewhere - with the blanks in their name ( not changed to hyphen) into the user search field and:
  • WAIT for the answer from wikidot !
  • the found user(s) is ( are) shown in a short list under the user search field
  • select ( click on it) the correct user name
  • write a short comment in the open field below
  • click on "block"

You should also test on membership of these users in your members-list - and perhaps remove&ban them.


Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf. Please visit his/her userPage.


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