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Posted by Jerry SchneiderJerry Schneider on 30 Jan 2008 01:15, last edited on 11 Nov 2008 18:26

Originally written by atglabsatglabs
[Note from gerdami]

I created an entry because I'm interested in how to "log" users who visit my wikidot site.
(Because we have a small private web for our homeowners association, it's a terrible, terrible pain for them to join, since they have to first become members of wikidot, and then join my wiki site, etc.)

I was hoping that the [[*user ??????]] would automatically fill in the user's login name, which would make it easy for me to add something that might let me see which ones have managed to get through all the joining stuff and actually get to my site. I could email or phone the ones that have been frightened off and offer to help them.

So, I'll save this page and see how well it generates the user's name.

=== came back and added this:

So, it looks like each guest needs to fill in their own information in the user name and date above. It's not obvious to me that the ???? fields won't be automatically updated, as I had originally hoped.

I'll try entering my stuff manually and see if it works better.

=== ok, one more edit

I think we need a simple widget that would be replaced with the logged-in user's name, something like


perhaps with a "log option" to allow the user name, date, and maybe IP be written to a file in the user area. Something like:

[[user-name log="MyVisitorsLog.txt"]]

That way, I could see who visited and when they last were on, to get an idea of how frequently people went to the site. Having the IP they logged in from would make it easier to spot bogus logins to the supposedly private site.

I could see using it in something like this on a Welcome Page:

+ Welcome [[user-name log="MyVisitorsLog.txt"]]

which would be a heading like:

Welcome Atglabs

and add a like like this to my visitor logfile:

01/29/2008 01:14 Atglabs

And while I'm thinking about it, how about a widget that just generates the current date/time, like:

[[date]] and/or [[time]]

Anyone else have similar needs?

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