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Posted by mjrushermjrusher on 05 Mar 2011 01:40, last edited on 05 Mar 2011 01:40

Good day. Signed up and even purchased the beefier account, because I'm in an advanced college English course, "Weblogs and Wikis." Now I have a wiki which I have no idea how to use (or why). The blog site I chose is not working out. Hoped to learn about editing and working with the wiki, and then creating the pages to 'create a fully functioning blog.' Like all your tutorials and how-to's, it is well written - and it is written well above my head. ?! This wiki/weblog stuff is a playground for those who write because they are writers. It is only frustrating and tiring to me. I have yet to have a single soul explain this one simple aspect to me: Why? Why wikis? Why weblogs? What was Cunningham shooting for when he came up with this? Why blogs? Just to blather on? SOMEthing falls between Cunningham's 'invention' and what is here today. You'd think with all these writers filling up all those computer screens with words, someone would have given some clarity as to why these venues draw people. Me? No attraction. I have the attention span of a stapler. Oh well - it's midterm. Half way through this mystery.

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