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Three Letter Acronym

Any confusing acronym. Examples include MCA, FTP, SNA, CPU, MMU, SCCS, DMU, FPU, NNTP, TLA. People who like this looser usage argue that not all TLAs have three letters, just as not all four-letter words have four letters. One also hears of ‘ETLA’ (Extended Three-Letter Acronym, pronounced /ee tee el ay/) being used to describe four-letter acronyms; the terms ‘SFLA’ (Stupid Four-Letter Acronym), ‘LFLA’ (Longer Four Letter Acronym), and VLFLA (Very Long Five Letter Acronym) have also been reported.

Examples of ETLA and VLFLA

Best Universal Grit Grime and Effluent Remover
This is often heard by programmers try to fix IE6 bugs in css code. Usually within the phrase
If "DAZ" don't whiten it
And "OMO" won't brighten it

or use the alternative
Finest Univesal Cleaner Known

(apologies to Fred Wetlock)

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