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Corresponding to the Iftags-Documentation , Button for tag update-Documrntation:

1. Tags

In Wikidot tags are extra indexes for a page, manually keyed in by editors (if they have the permissions to do so) by clicking on the tags - link at the page options buttons at the bottom of a page.

Every tag can be max 64 characters long, are "space" separated and there is now the limit of tags per page in the summary of all tags together of 500 characters (in the input field).

Using a "tag cloud" pages with a particular tag can be found easily. Special tags which start with an underline are not automatically shown in tag-clouds, but they can be used as special limitations in [[iftag]] conditions (see below). Tags can be used in ListPages modules with generic conditions ( + to include the tag, - to not include it) too. Known problems are combined words like "New York" which has to be keyed in as "New_York" ( with underscore) or "New-York" ( hyphen) which is not ideal.

2. Meta tags

Clicking on the page option button "+Option" you will see the araising "Edit Meta" Button for
Entering Meta tags for the page

2.1 Example of one of our community page :

2.1.1 Meta tags for the page

Using the interface below you can edit special HTML <meta> tags for the page.

2.1.2. Current meta tags:

remove <meta name="keywords" content="wiki, wikidot, community, online, forum, wki farm"/> (all pages)
remove <meta name="description" content="Wikidot discussions, hints tips, forum and help for your wiki"/> (all pages)

Add a new meta tag
<meta name=" " content=" " />

"Cancel" "Add to All Pages" "Add to This Page"

Adding a meta tag with the name already used will effectively replace the existing entry.

Meta entries added to a page override global meta information added to all pages.

3. Iftags

iftags is a special condition question - you can use it on every page to "react" to whether a tag exists or not and to take some action.

This uses the syntax:
[[iftags +tag1 -tag2 tag3]] ... [[/iftags]] where the +/-"tag#" stands for the requested tag-indexes.

+ before a tagname means this tag must exist
- before a tagname means this tag must not exist.

and a tag without such modifiers is a must exist, the same as +tagxyz

Have a look at:
http://helmuti-pdorf.wikidot.com/iftags-test or
http://helmuti-pdorf.wikidot.com/iftags-test1 or

Following is the code from iftags-test:

[[iftags news]]
++ Yes, it //is// tagged with ``news''
[[iftags include]]
++ Yes, it //is// tagged with ``include''
+++ Therefore here is the page included "comments-test1":

[[div class="error-block"]]
Included page "comments-test1" does not exist ([/comments-test1/edit/true create it now])


4. Button Set Tags

button for tag update

In wikidot the syntax for "button for tag update" set tags is available. You click on the button on the saved page and the tags are set to the new values that you have defined. See the documentation: http://www.wikidot.com/doc-wiki-syntax:tag-buttons ).

Here is an example of the usage with two toggle buttons;
(you can try to use them: switch from "_open" to "_completed" and vice versa)

Confirm OPEN
(set tags +_open -_completed)

Here is the code for this example:

[[iftags -_completed]]
[[div style="border:2px solid green; text-align:center; width:200px;"]]
[[button set-tags -_open +_completed  text="Confirm COMPLETED"]]
(set tags -_open +_completed)
[[iftags -_open]]
[[div style="border:2px solid red; text-align:center; width:200px;"]]
[[button set-tags +_open -_completed text="Confirm OPEN"]]
(set tags +_open -_completed)

There are also new progress_text and success_text arguments with a CSS class to use:

[[button set-tags +review text="To review" class="btn btn-default" progress_text="Sending to review" success_text="Thx"]]

see also the wish: http://feedback.wikidot.com/wish:562 ( Add a "tags" class to owindows )

Note : in a live template page you can use the %%dataform%% values for such tag updates

(use either raw or data - see the example in the source on our playground : http://community-playground.wikidot.com/task:1
and in their _template page: http://community-playground.wikidot.com/task:_template. See also the data form dpcumentation at http://wikidot.com/doc:data-forms)

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