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Soft Category


In Wikidot, Soft Categories are built as in Wikipedia (or any MediaWiki) by using Links to existing "category" pages and by the use of backlinks technique (either of module module Backlinks or with ListPages module with link-to="." parameter) on such category pages.

In Wikidot, "category" refers to what other wikis call "namespaces". In other wikis, "category" refers to a grouping mechanism where pages with a similar subject are accessible from an index page.
Soft Categories are made in Wikidot, as in MediaWiki, by using Links to category pages.

  1. With (internal) "Links" on any page to the "category" page it belongs to.
  2. With a module Backlinks module (showing the Children!) on such "category" pages.
  3. With a little module ListPages showing all %titles%% which link_to="." ( this single page)

Let's show some cases here (copied from the doc:backlinks-module).

You can use the Backlinks module to make soft categories – simply create pages in the namespace "category": e.g.,

  • category:cars
  • category:bikes
  • etc…

Each of these pages could have a description of the category and the [[module Backlinks]] that would list the pages linking to this category: page:
And within the pages you want to add to specific categories you would put links to these categories, e.g. at the bottom:


[[[category:cars ]]], [[[category:bikes]]]

Moreover, if all your category pages, i.e. category:cars, category:bikes etc. include a link to a page called category:all — it is a quick way to put the backlinks module in the category:all too and have a list of all categories.


This glossary entry mixes both notions of categories – soft and hard – by putting soft categories into hard categories.
One could have used category_cars, category_bikes, in this case, which is stored in the default category.

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