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This is a list of Wiki-Pages which contains "internal (!) links" to the actual shown page in the browser-window.
This is a back-reference in the database - where on all listed files the actual page is referenced in an internal link.

In Wikidot this list of page-titles is created either

  • directly on a page with the inserted command-line [[module Backlinks]] - perhaps over a live _template- or
  • manual called (and temporary created ) with the usage of "page options buttons"
    • (1.) "+options" and
    • (2.) "backlinks".

Warning: "external links" (i.e. over [* Backlinks] would be not listed - they are neither found nor stored (in the wiki-database).

Example of a [[module Backlinks]] shows all pages with an inserted link to this page "glossary:backlinks":

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