For confused first-timers

So, you are very-first-time-new-user and you have come upon all those wiki syntax guides, intros and demos but you still can't figure out how to get the damn thing started?

This may be the right place for you. Here is a guide to get you started by beginning with your specific idea for a web site rather than the Wikidot syntax.

(1) YOU


Probably you already have a fairly clear idea what you want to appear on your site. Have you drawn it on paper? No? What are you waiting for!

Make a rough outline where you are going to put paragraphs, images, headings, colours, contact forms, etc.

Now that you have a sketch you can begin re-drawing it with the tools and possibilities a computer gives you. But we shan't grab at the wiki syntax, yet. Instead, use some text editor you are familiar with - e.g. MS Word. Write the headlines, put them in the size and colours you wish, place the paragraphs in the positions you want, write the texts, insert the images, etc. Do not worry if you cannot make things exactly the way you want them to appear - this is also a sketch. The only difference is that it is a sketch on a PC, not on paper.


You must have already become aware of the building elements you'd need for your site. Is the structure of the site going to be a table with invisible borders and paragraphs in the cells or a simple text with images and video embeds in it or maybe a very well formatted text, with a table of contents, headings and sub-headings, etc - most likely you have decided on this by now. What is most important you know the keywords for what you need, you know what to look for in the Wikidot manuals.


The time to refer to the Wikidot syntax has… almost come! Just one more step, though. Before you rush to the Wikidot syntax, while your mind is still "empty", please, pay attention to the lines below.

No matter what you are asking for include a screenshot whenever you can.

In the case of your first site, include a screenshot of the sketch you just made on your computer. It would make your question much more clear, it would make the verbal description of your issue easier for you and it would increase the probability for those willing to help you to understand exactly what you are asking.

Detailed instructions how to make a screenshot and include it in your post here:

Thanks for reading.


The frightening Wikidot syntax! Finally!

Places to begin with:

specific information:

generic information:

You can also search all Wikidot manuals from here:


Apart from the screenshots, there are a few more things to make a perfect support request:


Leave the code visible for the page you are asking for. You can accomplish this by putting a "View Source" button somewhere on your page. The syntax for this button is:

[[button source]]

You can learn how to make more advanced buttons here: Wikidot Documentation & Help pages » Wiki Syntax » Standalone buttons (page options)


If you find it hard to compose your post you can try to think of the keywords for it first. You may also add them in the "Summary" field:



Do not forget that you can always edit your post to add new things or revise the old ones:



Follow the RSS thread so that you be notified as soon as you receive an answer:


If you wonder what RSS is, take a look here:

Recommended RSS readers:


Test your new pages in the Sandbox first.


Do not forget: the Wikidot forum is maintained by volunteers. People are sharing their time and expertise to help you for free. Please, do everything possible to make it easy for them. The more clear and carefully prepared post, the greater chance to get a quick and useful reply.



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