Getting Started

So, you want to create your own wiki? Whether you are a professional wiki developer who makes a living creating wikis, the leader of a group who wants a group website and a place to meet your members, a hobbyist who wants a space for your ideas, or you have a business that needs to have an easy way to collaborate effectively and efficiently then you have come to the right place. Wikidot can help you build the wiki you want or need.

Wikidot Community

Wikidot is much more than a great wiki host, it is a community of amateurs and professionals whose passion is building websites using wikidot software. We like people to ask questions and we like to give answers. If you ever need help with anything, you will always find people willing to take the time to help you in the community forum. We're a patient, helpful bunch.

How Can We Help You?

The first thing you should do is introduce yourself. New members are always warmly welcomed, especially complete novices with no wiki experience. When you introduce yourself, you should tell us a little about yourself and what kind of wiki you would like to make. That way we have enough information to help you get started.

Go ahead and do this now. We have a forum reserved so you can ask us How May We Help You?

Because the community admins are spread right round the world this means we have 24 hour a day support system, so you will normally get a very fast response to any questions you have, whatever time of day or night you post them.

Getting Help

There are several steps to getting help in a quick and efficient way:

  • Have a look at the Getting help page which holds a lot of links to more help information (reminder: this link can also be found on the left menu or on the top menu).
  • You can perform a search on the keywords you are looking for:
    • in our Glossary.
    • in the search box in the upper right hand corner of that page.
    • in the search box of the Search Center, the link on the left side menu.
    • in the "Tag Cloud" on the left side menu, and if the keyword is not here you can use the Entire Tag Cloud, it is the link at the bottom of the left side menu.
  • Read what you find thoroughly. This critical first step is important. You will find most of your questions answered in the official documentation. If you can't find what you are looking for, or cannot understand what you read (it happens), then proceed to the next step.
  • Have a look on our community pages. You will find links on the Top & Side menus to some of our pages. With the exception of some "admin:" pages, you can always read the source of our pages to see how we have built them – via the "src" button on the left top of our side menu!

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