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I am having the same problem, and when one of my friends tried to join the site the button still wasn't visible. When I pressed preview, it was visible, but if I save and sign out, it goes invisible.

i have been a wikipedia admin for more than a year (for the italian wikipedia). they are trying to maintain a certain order inside the entire structure, but they cannot do it at the end. there are too many spammers, people who just wants to get visibility from the platform, etc….

Re: Wikipedia by dieta3semanasdieta3semanas, 16 Aug 2017 23:18

hi Jeff,

i advice wordpress for you as it is the de-facto platform for than 50% of online blogs… it's quite easy to start with too..

I hope they are really going to stop with transformes hehehe too many movies already ;)

Okay thanks, I used the report site in the past but I find that the large number of sites I come across these days makes it hard to use that as a reporting venue and still feel like I'm making a dent. Too bad we don't have a "report this site" link to speed up the process, as well as a "report this user" link on profile pages.

Seems impossible today because as I see you are not the one who asked about it. If it is not work as pure html insert (and it will be inside <body>) probably the one thing you can request is to ask to force the request for people who are near the development of wikidot features.

I thought that there could be complicated theoretical way to replace start page on your page on server with all the tags and to make wiki as subdomain with links from main page on your server.
But it could be the reason not for the plugins for comments where you need your structure as it is and moreover your wiki is too popular to rush something…

Re: Facebook Meta Property by igor_ptigor_pt, 16 Aug 2017 11:42

Go to wiki> Site> Admin Panel> You will see there delete option.

I see that the account is now deleted, when I try to answer! :)

For anyone else seeking an answer to this question that ends up here from a search:

Admin Panel > Other > Delete my Wiki

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Re: How can i delete my site? by leigerleiger, 16 Aug 2017 00:23

pls i need help

How can i delete my site? by (account deleted), 15 Aug 2017 23:59

Has anybody figured out as to why tabs "The Coding" and "Nested Tab Two" switch their text? After figuring this out this is the biggest mystery to me.


Re: Nesting Tabs by RupinRupin, 15 Aug 2017 20:30

Is there anyway to add a Facebook meta property to a header on wikidot - such as <meta property="fb:app_id" content="XXXXXXXXXX" />

The current wikidot system only allows meta names and Facebook does not recognize this.

I am trying to add a Facebook Comments Plugin (so Facebook visitors can easily leave a comment versus having to become a wiki member). The plugin works but you can not moderate it unless you add some meta property tags to your header. This leaves the comments plugin open to lots of spam.

I have tried adding the fb.app_id ,etc. as meta name, in a code block and in a html module but none of these work. Can anyone think of a work around?

I see that this is on the wikidot wishlist (but it was added in 2014 so I guess it is not happening anytime soon) -

Black Belt Wiki

Black Belt Wiki - A Free Martial Arts Wiki

Facebook Meta Property by Black Belt WikiBlack Belt Wiki, 14 Aug 2017 13:42

One easy method is to create a backup of your site from the site manager security section. Then download the backup and extract the "source" folder, Search that folder for "photobucket". That gave me a list of the pages I needed to edit.

Re: Photobucket help by Ed JohnsonEd Johnson, 13 Aug 2017 16:53

Hi Wikidot Community,

Not too recent photobucket has disabled third party hosting and thus, has caused images on several pages on both my site and my colleague's one to break. Is there any way I can do to find pages with PB images embedded? I attempted to use google search to find but to no avail.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

<3 HEROSmash — Wiki On!
Photobucket help by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 12 Aug 2017 15:53

yes, it is sometimes very funny, to have an eye on the "whatishot" page!
The spam-bot filter is fihting against this senseless spam sites every month, but it could be always that siome sites go through the filter alive.
If you detect such siter - do not flag them as objectionable( it has no effect I think on the "wikidot-team" side) -

Service is my success. My (Open source), Wikidot-Handbook.

Sie können fragen und mitwirken in der deutschsprachigen » User-Gemeinschaft für WikidotNutzer oder
im deutschen » Wikidot Handbuch ?

Does this still work for reporting spam sites?

I randomly decided to check the what's hot page and just about every top site in the 24 hours category is a spam site. I flagged about a dozen before getting bored.

"Flag As Objectionable" by Enlarge MediaEnlarge Media, 11 Aug 2017 21:23

A real example-page would be useful… I have no idea why a redirtect module shold not work in the descripted way. ( or the target/directed page does not exist?)
Edit: I see your klast changes on

 >[[*include player:Name]]
 >[[*module Redirect destination=""]]

If I understand the wish - the name of the character is not inserted in the redirect module !
and this new page does not exist…

Service is my success. My (Open source), Wikidot-Handbook.

Sie können fragen und mitwirken in der deutschsprachigen » User-Gemeinschaft für WikidotNutzer oder
im deutschen » Wikidot Handbuch ?

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I want to have two different page names, example character1 and character2 Redirect to the same page. When I create the character2 page however and insert the redirect module it does not redirect. It just gives a blank page. [[module Redirect destination=""]]

The default and only option is very, very long. It messes with the neat look of a site when on the side nav if the pages are kept above the fold. Can a paramater be added to limit the length to say 5 or so? Alternatively, is there any work-around to achieve this?

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Sorry for late reply. No, it was not my forum, I just took the name of website they published and run google with "" to find what was the message. Was just interested for knowledge…
Also I suppose it could be the quick way to find spam if Google already indexed and you know what the link has the message…

Re: Garbage Attack? by igor_ptigor_pt, 08 Aug 2017 23:05

You're welcome. I'm a pretty good guy, but certainly not saintly!

Did you know there is a very handy tool that's just a right-click away to make it easier to dig into issues like this? Right-click and (depending on your browser) choose "inspect" or "inspect element". It opens a whole world of back-end HTML, CSS, scripts, etc. It's way better than dangling from the end of your rope when trying to figure out a maddening CSS issue!

I use it all the time to answer questions like yours. You can also use it as a tool to edit and test CSS changes before making them live.

There are tons of posts and videos to be found on how to use the various inspect tools. A couple of good tutorials to get started are here:

Happy inspecting!

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