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There are so few people here
(by Martin Taber 26 Jun 2022 02:50, posts: 11)
Oh i can't see your screenshot.
(by Martin Taber 26 Jun 2022 02:46, posts: 6)
Question: where is this screenshot stored?
(by Helmut_pdorf 25 Jun 2022 13:48, posts: 6)
Êtes vous vraiment sur de ne pas avoir mis de majuscule
(by Aquariuma 25 Jun 2022 12:42, posts: 6)
Great! See you in there :)
(by leiger 25 Jun 2022 05:23, posts: 11)
You're still welcome to join if you haven't yet :)
(by leiger 25 Jun 2022 05:23, posts: 11)
Have you seen the handbook ?
(by Helmut_pdorf 23 Jun 2022 17:29, posts: 6)
This does not help to understand the error shown. Can you write here what the system is saying...
(by Helmut_pdorf 23 Jun 2022 08:41, posts: 6)
Hi,I am new to the wikidot and I want to create a site but there's seems to be a...
(by Nboarg Commune 23 Jun 2022 04:18, posts: 6)
I mean at the very bottom of the page by the way.
(by Isaacgaming 23 Jun 2022 01:06, posts: 4)
Huh weird didn't work the bottom still says the page is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.
(by Isaacgaming 23 Jun 2022 01:05, posts: 4)
Have a look on our playground:...
(by Helmut_pdorf 21 Jun 2022 14:39, posts: 3)
[[module ListPages separate="no" category="npc" tags="{$tags}"...
(by LexicalGavot 21 Jun 2022 10:56, posts: 3)
I am drawing on images from pages in a category and tag. I wanted to be able to list them...
(by LexicalGavot 21 Jun 2022 10:10, posts: 3)
I'm trying to setup a custom CSS theme for my wiki, but I'm pretty sure I messed up somewhere in...
(by ThatExplo 19 Jun 2022 19:16, posts: 1)
They have inserted by module css on this page the license block by themself! ( have a look on the...
(by Helmut_pdorf 19 Jun 2022 12:21, posts: 4)
So… How would I license a site under CC BY-SA 4.0? example the Liminal Archives wiki is...
(by Isaacgaming 17 Jun 2022 21:48, posts: 4)
It looks like Brucebase On This Day is working? At the moment the Include function is working...
(by William Sheridan 15 Jun 2022 12:05, posts: 5)
I think you have forgotten the password.
(by Martin Taber 15 Jun 2022 10:54, posts: 5)
Thank you very much for this! It's simple and solve a big problem ;)
(by Ereticopedio 15 Jun 2022 08:43, posts: 4)
I'm trying to figure out how to change this theme. I like the dark color the general layout, but...
(by Nealium 13 Jun 2022 12:19, posts: 1)
(by SuperZZZ 13 Jun 2022 01:22, posts: 9)
I want to add a preloader to my Wikidot page, below is the code: [[module CSS]] .preloader__wall...
(by Jellyfishthecoolkid 11 Jun 2022 18:06, posts: 1)
It may be a little "late", but despite that I'm sure some will appreciate your answer....
(by leiger 11 Jun 2022 09:10, posts: 4)
Errrr, this looks incredibly bloated. If keeping the search button while removing the actual text...
(by Hexick 09 Jun 2022 21:42, posts: 4)
If my memory serves me right, the MC&D already has a wiki — it's almost stopped functioning; n...
(by Pedder 05 Jun 2022 13:59, posts: 6)
Could also be: looks like your email-address was another one at the beginning...
(by Helmut_pdorf 01 Jun 2022 14:16, posts: 5)
My original account was ICFD. I've tried everything the password could be, and it hasn't worked...
(by ICFD2 01 Jun 2022 04:29, posts: 5)

(by yuuki410 31 May 2022 11:26, posts: 1)
Thanks in advance. Question: what was your user name of your original account - with the missed...
(by Helmut_pdorf 30 May 2022 06:44, posts: 5)
Hello, I've been trying to get into my wikidot account only to find out that my password no...
(by ICFD2 29 May 2022 21:51, posts: 5)
Looks like I was a bit late, wait… why am I even posting this reply?
(by StuckInAShell 26 May 2022 20:31, posts: 11)
It's likely that it's the lack of '}' at the end of the error-block class.
(by DrHexagon 19 May 2022 00:39, posts: 5)
Note: The following content requires basic knowledge of html and css. First you usually set up...
(by DrHexagon 19 May 2022 00:29, posts: 2)
I just kinda looked back on some posts and found this. I am a new user, this is new to me...
(by StuckInAShell 17 May 2022 21:59, posts: 9)
If you look closely, you can see there are blurry shadows around the page. How can I make this...
(by Jellyfishthecoolkid 13 May 2022 09:04, posts: 2)
More flexibility with permissions would indeed be a good thing.
(by leiger 12 May 2022 06:55, posts: 2)
It is because of cache :) Think of each karma level as a number, 1-5. Then watch this:...
(by leiger 12 May 2022 06:53, posts: 4)
Hallelujah, the module seems to be working properly again. Let's hope it stays that way!
(by William Sheridan 11 May 2022 19:17, posts: 19)
Wikidot now has one and only three user groups: user mod administrator (…and master...
(by Zhao Jx 11 May 2022 10:51, posts: 2)
Cool ig
(by Rai Gab Paz 11 May 2022 04:33, posts: 2)
Yep. Seems so. Well, I guess this is a temporary thing.
(by DrHexagon 10 May 2022 21:27, posts: 4)
It seems to be fixed now because it shows medium on your profile to me.
(by Nipixel_Paxel 10 May 2022 16:33, posts: 4)
So, I just got my karma upgraded from small -> medium, and it reflects in the karma bar next...
(by DrHexagon 10 May 2022 12:27, posts: 4)
First of all, your theme testing page doesn't exist anymore? Which is quite unfortunate. Also,...
(by DrHexagon 10 May 2022 12:01, posts: 2)
Good news. I want to join!
(by sayaerwin 09 May 2022 06:47, posts: 11)
It just fix it self
(by Floating_cloud08 08 May 2022 11:37, posts: 2)
I renamed the page to,then I realized that the...
(by Floating_cloud08 08 May 2022 09:54, posts: 2)
I suggest watching a few crash courses on youtube, they help quite a lot when learning CSS. I do...
(by ZENAJ 08 May 2022 09:07, posts: 2)
Honestly, I'm quite surprised they didn't have this already. I do think it is a good idea, since...
(by ZENAJ 08 May 2022 09:02, posts: 11)
I hope someone edit this.
(by Rylance 07 May 2022 19:29, posts: 2)
Hope it grows nice and quickly for you :)
(by leiger 06 May 2022 07:56, posts: 2)
Great :)
(by leiger 06 May 2022 07:54, posts: 11)
An unofficial spinoff of the SCP wiki. Open for most forms of writing! Here!
(by andromedaz 05 May 2022 21:41, posts: 2)
Not OP, but MC&D (marshall carter and dark) is a GOI (Group of Interest) In the SCP...
(by LackOfALilac 05 May 2022 12:33, posts: 6)
Looks like a friend of SCP-Foundation :)
(by Helmut_pdorf 05 May 2022 09:01, posts: 6)
I like it ;)
(by Zhao Jx 05 May 2022 00:38, posts: 11)
Taken from site: Marshall, Carter, and Dark Inc. WE SELL THE STRANGE TO THOSE WHO HAVE IT...
(by leiger 04 May 2022 23:15, posts: 6)
Well, congrats on your first site! But the question is, what's the purpose of the site?
(by Rylance 04 May 2022 19:06, posts: 6)
Yeah that's not Wikidot staff, I just made it yesterday because I did a search and noticed one...
(by leiger 04 May 2022 07:34, posts: 5)
Nice idea
(by Teoman Deniz 04 May 2022 00:19, posts: 11)
I mean, yes ig they made one, Unofficial probably?
(by Rai Gab Paz 03 May 2022 23:51, posts: 5)
Thank you so much!!! I have been waiting for this moment.
(by MrCruz 03 May 2022 17:41, posts: 11)
Looks like you got it working :)
(by leiger 03 May 2022 14:23, posts: 4)
Many online communities use Discord, and in many cases it's a source of technical support for...
(by leiger 03 May 2022 13:50, posts: 11)
As Helmut mentioned, anonymous users cannot post links as a spam-prevention measure.
(by leiger 03 May 2022 13:25, posts: 5)
Thanks, I was not sure.. Fact is - anonymous users ( guests) are not allowed ( normally) to posts...
(by Helmut_pdorf 03 May 2022 07:06, posts: 5)
Anon is short for anonymous
(by DrPierra 02 May 2022 12:10, posts: 5)
It depends what you want to write and where ( wiki permissions, forum permissions ), and normally...
(by Helmut_pdorf 02 May 2022 06:32, posts: 5)
How can I post a link as an anon? It won’t let me
(by DrPierra 01 May 2022 22:15, posts: 5)
I had a short view on the used categories of the darksouls wiki… I think this could help...
(by Helmut_pdorf 27 Apr 2022 06:00, posts: 4)
I forgot the introduction oops, I am Dillard Coffey and I am hoping to use wikidot to help create...
(by Shi_Shiloh 26 Apr 2022 13:13, posts: 4)
I would like to try and change the text on the top left part of my screen to the sites logo. I...
(by Shi_Shiloh 26 Apr 2022 13:12, posts: 4)
Hello. So in my forums, none of the posts have the 'reply' function. Is there a reason for this?...
(by andromedaz 22 Apr 2022 19:13, posts: 1)
Install the Tampermonkey add-on And install the following script. // ==UserScript== // @name...
(by d_vdlinden 22 Apr 2022 10:12, posts: 16)
I have notices from Google in my email today. Google Analytics Universal is phasing out. We have...
(by Whane The Whip 19 Apr 2022 17:16, posts: 1)
Fortnite, and I'm tired of pretending like it's not. The AAA gaming industry is a mess right now,...
(by andromedaz 18 Apr 2022 02:30, posts: 12)
Hello. I am andromedaz. As a member of the SCP Foundation wiki, we have a large collection of...
(by andromedaz 18 Apr 2022 02:19, posts: 2)
We need help to set up the site! Please join if interested!
(by Agent Swallow 16 Apr 2022 21:10, posts: 6)
I found a way to remove wikidot search module (that doesn't work good) from the header in my...
(by Ereticopedio 16 Apr 2022 08:12, posts: 4)
All users of wikidot has this problem!
(by Helmut_pdorf 12 Apr 2022 18:11, posts: 54)
I'm having this problem as well, really frustrating!
(by Odel 05 Apr 2022 17:57, posts: 54)
The Xbox 360 and PS4 was my childhood, I use PC nowadays cuz my Xbox was sold
(by Rai Gab Paz 03 Apr 2022 02:30, posts: 6)
And maybe contact some of the people on the original elden-ring site and tell them about the new...
(by OrionGS 02 Apr 2022 18:51, posts: 7)
That the strange notice above for me: I never used Chrome, but only Firefox on Window and Android...
(by Helmut_pdorf 02 Apr 2022 12:53, posts: 21)
This, using the Wikidot Editor plugin for Chrome, has been working like a charm for a while now....
(by d_vdlinden 01 Apr 2022 16:50, posts: 21)
This, using the Wikidot Editor plugin for Chrome, has been working like a charm for a while now....
(by d_vdlinden 01 Apr 2022 16:49, posts: 5)
This, using the Wikidot Editor plugin for Chrome, has been working like a charm for a while now....
(by d_vdlinden 01 Apr 2022 16:47, posts: 16)
Some of the code is wrongly typed with spaces, but otherwise everything is good.
(by (account deleted) 19 Mar 2022 06:54, posts: 5)
[[iftags +tag]] deez [[/iftags]]
(by Silkyway 18 Mar 2022 08:26, posts: 14)
Same here it was so entertaining
(by Researcher ost 17 Mar 2022 12:11, posts: 6)
I am also from the SCP Foundation
(by Researcher ost 17 Mar 2022 12:06, posts: 5)
If someone can change the home page you can also insert a redirect module to your own new...
(by Helmut_pdorf 17 Mar 2022 10:02, posts: 7)
Understood, thanks. Unfortunately this particular user has not put any work into the wiki at all...
(by Jarmen4u 16 Mar 2022 14:34, posts: 7)
I don't think so. Iframe module doesnìt work on my sites…
(by Ereticopedio 16 Mar 2022 14:23, posts: 5)
OK, if nothing helps: who ever wants to be the new master-admin AND CAN CHANGE A PAGE (!) can...
(by Helmut_pdorf 16 Mar 2022 14:21, posts: 7)
Hi, thanks for the quick reply! I did try this yesterday, before making this thread, but tried...
(by Jarmen4u 16 Mar 2022 14:12, posts: 7)
Go to and write the creator DracusAnor a mail - perhaps...
(by Helmut_pdorf 16 Mar 2022 09:56, posts: 7)
Hello Wikidot community! Thank you for being here. has been sat on since...
(by Jarmen4u 16 Mar 2022 07:34, posts: 7)
The module CSS seems to be okay.
(by MrCruz 15 Mar 2022 20:26, posts: 5)

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