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What is this site about?
STE is a source code editor for your Wikidot website, with dedicated support for importing and exporting from Wikidot.com as long as you have an API key. This means you don't need to bother with copying and pasting the page code into the editor! It also has many other amazing features that help you to manage your website, such as mass-rename and mass-tagging tools!

With cross-platform support (works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), user-contributed extensions and it's own support wiki, and as it allows you to edit previously-downloaded Wikidot pages offline, STE is the application you can't do without if you value your Wikidot site!

This website is the home of STE - providing news on the latest releases, screenshots, a community forum, and a feedback system where you can report bugs and wish for new features! Due to the active developement cycle of STE, many of these feature requests are implemented quickly.

Use your Wikidot account to contribute on:

Founder: leigerleiger
Language: English
Programming language: Java, runs on the Java Runtime Environment
License: Standard Copyright
Wikidot features: Cross-platform application that allows editing of a Wikidot site without even opening the Internet browser!
Tags: application editor stand-alone ste wdeditor


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