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What is this wiki about?

The wiki is a collection of information about SABnzbd, a "multi-platform binary newsgroup downloader"1.


Language: English

Wikidot features:

The SABnzbd wiki ignores all of Wikidot's advanced features and just uses pages with links between them to create a quality information resource.

It isn't a showcase of Wikidot's features, but rather a showcase of a well-designed wiki that has benefited from having it's structure planned from the very beginning.

There is an enormous amount of reference information for anyone that uses - or plans to use - the SABnzbd application:

  • Clear layout, with a lot of information on each page

The wiki uses a unique, custom-designed theme:

  • Transparency is used to hide login information when the mouse isn't hovering over it
  • Simple, non-distracting design



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