Coming from http://community.wikidot.com/start:you-help to this (surprisingly empty page), I ask:
What is the motivation to create this link? Can you tell me more about the idea behind it. Thank you.


in the past there was no possibility to insert any "html" code in a page , therefore there was a list of **embedded* codes available and allowed. You can see a list of these on the snippets site at :

and on Wikidot itself at:

Today this is no longer necessary as the embed function can de done easily by enclosing the html code in [[htm]]..[[/html]] tags

Therefore the Wishlist - which is now old and outdated - has been deleted.

But you are right - the (open to old embed-wish list ) link does need to be deleted.

Thanks for asking!


The backlinks shows that this page was linked by some blog: entries..

We admins have to think what to do with these pages.

The wish-list and bugs have been transferred to the "feedback" site ( in the top menu).

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