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These pages are related to my suggestions for a new theme for the community portal. This theme is not yet finished.

The theme is developed in Firefox 3. It will be hacked as necessary to work with IE7+ after the other admins have commented on whether they like the theme and what changes should be made. It will not be made to work with IE6.

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Bugs, IE hacks required and things to remember to do on the design

(admins, please add any comments, suggestions or fixes)

Bug/Issue/Suggestion Page on the site/CSS
The bottom part of the globe possibly needs moving 1 pixel to the left #main-content
Need to work out how to deal with the side menu items nav:side
Need to apologise to James, the globe doesn't show Oz Apology accepted ;D
Should cater to Safari's webkit (for curved edges) in addition to FF's (moz) Webkit properties added
Editing options a little hard to read; upon pressing +options, the text is somewhat divided. Perhaps use a different color for page options links. This div should be moved out of the footer to eliminate the apparent "jumpy" behavior of the +options button. Fixed. Page options moved above footer. Hopefully a better result.
The start page will need looking at in terms of layout of the different boxes. The narrower fixed width removes the two-column layout and puts all the boxes one under another It now seems to work OK with the new theme
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cell-content cell-content
cell-content cell-content
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