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This page exists to catalog misspellings and poor grammar on official wiki-dot pages that can't be changed by the community. When you find such a misspelling or grammatical error, please post it here so that it can be corrected.

Note that there's also a forum thread Spelling mistakes reporting many typos.

Page Description Misspelling Correction Status documentation incomplete n/a should be expanded to include same info that is listed in site manager (what will and won't be cloned) Rejected, not a grammatical or spelling error
Page lock acquired message (after a page has timed out) successfully acquired successsfully acquired Rejected, it is correct
math equation message The equation has not been processed correctly. Most prabably it has syntax error(s). The equation hasn't processed correctly. Please recheck the syntax. Start of second sentence describing bulleted lists. To increase indent To increase the indent Fixed. 5th table row down Ducumentation Documentation Fixed. End of Sentence. [#anochor-name text to display]. [#anchor-name text to display]. Fixed. Sentence above Advanced (custom) tables heading. For a newline inside the table… For a new line inside the table… Fixed. Doc on modules MemebershipApply — allow users to apply to the site admin(s) for membership Fixed. last sentence (in bold) don not work don't work sentence, under third last heading, with "community wiki" link in it members the on community wiki members on the community wiki Fixed.
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