This section on the Community is no longer supported, in favour of Wikidot's Official Feedback Site.

It is retained here for archiving purposes.

This is the main page for the community driven bug management system.

Bugs can only be entered by community site members and admins, to stop "can't see the forest for the trees"1 syndrome.

These are checked and collated here from this Community Forum
If a reported bug is affecting you then please rate it.

Bugs List by Urgency Rating

ListPages does not work recursively (rating: 7, comments: 1)
Search ignores non-alphanumeric characters (rating: 6, comments: 4)
File manager upload rename problem (rating: 5, comments: 7)
Show Hidden Threads Are Viewable By Anyone (rating: 5, comments: 11)
Backlinks clean up (rating: 4, comments: 5)
Code block not recognizing the include (rating: 4, comments: 0)
Edit Sections Does Not Work In Div (rating: 3, comments: 6)
Base Css Bugs (rating: 2, comments: 3)
Forums Posting and Deletion at the Same Time (rating: 1, comments: 0)
Lock Timeout Prevents Later Editing (rating: -5, comments: 12)

Workaround Found

Bugs Fixed!

"Others" range selector and random sorting (rating: 0, comments: 2)
Parent variables in _template don't work for new pages (rating: 1, comments: 0)
ListPages custom format won't work in LiveTemplate (rating: 3, comments: 8)
Gallery not displaying PDF's (rating: 3, comments: 3)
Comments module (rating: 3, comments: 5)
ListPages on side bar does not show with categorized pages (rating: 0, comments: 6)
Sporadic PostgreSQL errors (rating: 1, comments: 1)
ListPages '=' shows bogus page names (rating: 3, comments: 7)
security token error (rating: 2, comments: 9)
Social bookmark Not functioning (rating: 1, comments: 3)
ListPages is very slow to process (rating: 15, comments: 17)
Save button disabled (rating: 2, comments: 4)
Module Listpages (rating: 0, comments: 1)
Privacy Bug Pictures In Private Sites (rating: 2, comments: 4)
Iframe Does Not Like Simple Quotes In Source Url (rating: 1, comments: 8)
Privacy Bug With Frontforum (rating: 3, comments: 3)
Many Blank Templates Appear In Template List (rating: 3, comments: 3)
Cannot upload Files Greater Than 7.9 Mb (rating: 0, comments: 6)
Cannot embed local HTML file (rating: 3, comments: 25)

If you feel a bug (NOT spelling mistakes, or features) is not listed here, then use the comments box below to point to the relevant post in this Community Forum. Any comments will be deleted once dealt with to provide clarity.

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