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Posted by Phil ChettPhil Chett on 30 Apr 2008 10:12, last edited on 04 Mar 2009 14:01

This bug has been fixed


When using templates on your site (pages with template category), creating a new page presents the "Initial template" dropdown box with each template followed by "no template (blank page)". This is ugly and a little confusing.

How to Reproduce

just create a page and use the template selector.



Has bug

Works correctly




thanks to andrewescott
Looking in the source code for Wikidot v1, the problem seems to be in the file /templates/modules/edit/PageEditModule.tpl

<select name="theme" id="page-templates" onchange="WIKIDOT.modules.PageEditModule.listeners.templateChange(event)">
  {foreach from=$templates item=template}
    <option value=""  style="padding: 0 1em">no template (blank page)</option>
    <option value="{$template->getPageId()}"  style="padding: 0 1em" 
      {if $template->getPageId() == $templateId}selected="selected"{/if}>{$template->getTitle()|escape}</option>

It seems clear that the "no template (blank page)" option is repeated for each template in the list. The solution ought to then be to move the "no template (blank page)" option to above the foreach loop.


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