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Posted by James KanjoJames Kanjo on 26 Oct 2009 02:45, last edited on 12 Feb 2010 04:41

This bug has been fixed


When you use the parent variables within an _template:

  • %%parent_category%%
  • %%parent_name%%
  • %%parent_fullname%%
  • %%parent_title%%
  • %%parent_title_linked%%

And then you create a new page in that category, the parent variables are ignored completely.
More explained, if your new page has a parent, then all the parent variables return nothing.

This problem fixes itself when you:

  • Recompile each individual affected page (click "edit" and then click "save" without changing anything)
  • Make an actual change to the _template itself, which will recompile all pages of the category (merely recompiling the _template page is not enough to fix the affected pages)

How to Reproduce



Create a new page in the same category

Doesn't matter what goes in here


You can use the ListPages module to display your parent variables properly:

[[module ListPages range="."]]
other parent variables

This workaround will always work from the moment you create the new page.


James KanjoJames Kanjo

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