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Posted by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles on 16 Jul 2009 20:22, last edited on 15 Nov 2009 14:03

This bug has been fixed


ListPages included in the live portion of a live template works, but if you use a custom format with it, it displays nothing. Not even an error.

How to Reproduce

Community Polls uses a Live Template on new polls inside which is a ListPages Module designed to display poll options that the user creates from that poll page. So long as there is no custom formatting to the ListPages module, it will display the right poll options, but if you add custom editing (in order to display the rating of the particular poll option) it displays nothing.

[[module ListPages category="polloptions" tags="%%page_unix_name%%" order="ratingDesc"]]

The above works and displays any options you create (the page variable %%page_unix_name%% is used for tags because the NewPage module uses this to make sure each polls polling options are kept unique to that poll while still being stored in the same directory. This limits what users are required to input while avoiding a directory explosion from creating a new directory for each poll).

[[module ListPages category="polloptions" tags="%%page_unix_name%%"]]
%%linked_title%% - %%rating%%

The above, again, in the live template, displays nothing on the same page that a module with no custom formatting does work.

View the page source at the Template itself for more information.


Has bug

Works correctly


Doesn't work — If RatedPages had a tags attribute, that would allow me to use that module instead.


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