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Posted by ErichSteinboeckErichSteinboeck on 12 Feb 2009 18:01, last edited on 23 Mar 2009 12:17

This bug has been fixed


A single [[gallery]] on a page with attached PDF files does not display the PDF thumbnails (it displays error “Sorry, no images found attached to this page.”)

This is contrary to what the gallery documentation says: “If the [[gallery]] tag is invoked without a list of images it automatically displays rescaled images (thumbnails) of image files attached to the current page (including thumbnails for .pdf and .ps documents)”

This bug was already reported by Plavi in a forum post in November 2007.

How to Reproduce

This page has the following PDF's attached:

file name file type size
files-document-print-bak.pdf PDF document 6.11 kB
files-view-source-bak.pdf PDF document 6.21 kB
Sorry, no images found attached to this page.


If you explicitly specify all PDF's in the [[gallery]] body, the PDF thumbnails are rendered correctly.

: files-document-print-bak.pdf
: files-view-source-bak.pdf



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