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Posted by scottplanscottplan on 14 Aug 2008 05:05, last edited on 04 Mar 2009 14:16

This bug has been fixed


  • (See the first screenshot, below) This error message occurs sporadically when users try to save edits, post comments, or log on.
  • It seems to happen mostly with sites accessed via custom domains. But I've experienced it in a comment on this community site.
  • It prevents users from logging on or completing their input.
  • Once the user clears the error screen, they're left with an endlessly scrolling progress bar (second screenshot) — and no opportunity to resave via mouse clicks.

How to Reproduce

It's an intermittent issue, but recently (8/2008) it appears to be happening much more frequently.

These comments and threads seem to be relevant.


There's been some discussion that the error relates to FF3. But our users say it's happened with Safari, FF3 and IE7. I've experienced it with IE7.



  • For page edits, it's often possible to override the endlessly scrolling progress bar using ctrl-S,
  • but Ctrl-S doesn't appear to work for posting comments.



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