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Posted by jkubackijkubacki on 09 Apr 2008 11:14, last edited on 09 May 2010 05:33

This bug has been fixed

iframe embed


Embeded local HTML page is displayed as HTML source.


This Bug has been through a number of fixes :-). However it should now be completely resolved.
To put HTML files on your wiki page you first need to

Upload html or htm file to your page.

iframe it on that page.
i have uploaded a file to this page, then iframed it

[[iframe  width="100%" height="500" scrolling="yes"]]

gerdamigerdami. Please visit his/her userPage.

helmuti_pdorf does not match any existing user name. Please visit his/her userPage.

Phil ChettPhil Chett. Please visit his/her userPage.


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