James KanjoJames Kanjo 05 Mar 2009 08:42

Today I gave the _start a little sweep.

Firstly I renumbered all of the wishes in the chronological order that they were added. This is something that I could be crucified for, because it means that many links to these wishes have now become dead ones. This is also the case for the _start section I cleaned up yesterday. This is debatable whether or not this was a good decision.

On one hand:

  • It is now easy to track bugs and wishes with numbers;
  • Page names are no longer subject to spelling mistakes (surprisingly, many were);
  • The bugs and wishes are systematically consistent, they are nicely organised.

But on the other hand:

  • All links to bugs and wishes have suddenly become dead;
  • The URL doesn't describe the page content.

As with the rest of the Wikidot community, I don't really think it's appropriate to apply page autonumbering to other categories. Page numbering is essentially to keep track of things, and what needs to be kept track of apart from the bugs and wishes? Hmm, perhaps the Embed Requests? But that's about it really. Feel free to make a suggestion.

Oh, I've just read the _start page, and gerdami has already suggested to cleanup the Embed Requests. I reckon he's spot on — I'll cleanup embed next.

gerdami mentioned that the HowTo List is in dire need of a "reshuffle". Now THAT is a big project, hehehe. We might leave that one till last…

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