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makimaki has started a promotion page and the Wikidot stories of success for every registered member of wikidot.com.
Here are the starting comments of my changes to the new category "stories":

Tell your story of success

Your talent is rather verbal than artistic? Then why not share your story with the world how Wikidot helped you? Submit your stories here!

Every registered member of wikidot.com can create & edit an article over his success with wikidot here in the category "stories". Not (yet) allowed are upload of files, this can be overloading our limits.

  • use the box to create a new page in the "stories" category.
  • Feel free to build your a story in a layout how you want.
  • Feel free to use tags as you want.
  • The discuss button is allowed and open to use !
  • Feel free to insert comments module ( it is enabled for the category).

Notice the difference to

  • the blog which are used for messages belonging to wikidot system itself or new inventions of the community and to
  • the Featured sites which are created and rated from the community of the visitors.


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