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Is there something you wish you could do with Wikidot, but it doesn't seem possible? Have you asked the community for help and they've told you that it can't be done? Well worry no longer, for you have the opportunity to influence what features will be developed!

Head on over to the Wikidot.com Blog and read the List of WeNeeds that people just like you have asked for.

At the time of writing there are 89 weneeds with at least 2 votes, and 12 weneeds have been closed since Wikidot has added those features for us! Things like %%comment_edited%%, to tell us when a page's comments were last modified, weren't possible a short while ago!

Top weneeds that are yet to be fulfilled, with a whopping 23 votes (you can make it go even higher) are:

And with these not far behind on the list:

So, what do you need? Let Wikidot know about it!

NB: All numbers in this post are accurate at time of writing but are likely to change.

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