Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf 10 Jan 2011 09:09

There is a new TRANSLATE Wiki created by the developer team - now it is OUR turn to translate the existing english strings of field lables, buttons, help text a.s.o into OUR language.
Please read the blog entry On the top of Babel tower on Wikidot Blog abolut these new plan.
Whoever believes s/he can help in their home - language feel free to join the translate wiki and start your translation!
On this Wiki are language depending "comments" places for every language where translators can exchange in "their own language".
Here on the community forum ( http://community.wikidot.com/forum/c-126314/translate-wikidot ) is the place to ask question in english to the developer team and inform other translators about found issue - independent from the language itself.
Translators are welcome!
(you will find the link on our top bar menu item "Improve Wikidot" too!)

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