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Well, recently Gabrys did a really good job! Thanks to him! Now, all you guys can see what's on the other Wiki without navigating to it :) Maybe it's not really truth, but sort of. Thumbnails can be accessed via url:
(copied from the new official documentation:

Wikidot automatically generates thumbnails in various sizes for:

The URL for site thumbnail is:


<site_domain_name>: the main URL for site, for example: www.wikidot.com
<size>: one of 160, 80, 40, 20

The URL for theme thumbnail is:


<theme_name>: the unix name of theme
<size>: one of 500, 240, 160, 80



"old" Notes:

  • There is no large.jpg. For larger view, please navigate to the page :D
  • There are no thumbnails for private sites
  • Thumbnail system isn't perfect. Sometimes (but really rarely) thumbnails might:
    — be blank — the page didn't load fully when the thumbnail was created
    — look like error 404 — this happens on sites, which are hosted by wikicomplete.org
    — contain a windows of saving files — this happens, when the site has strange iframes (e.g. with flash objects)
    — contain a top bar from FF with warning of pop-up window — same as above

We have no influence on this kind of behavior, it is caused by the way the site was created and where it's hosted.

Edit: The links have changed from *.png to *.jpg in light of the changes described here.

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